NEWS: Issue Three of Mob-Handed Press, ‘Creature’ is seeking submissions! Visit here to find out about how you can participate.

Collaborative Songbooks

Collaborative songbooks are created by selected musicians around a central theme. Artists contribute one song each, which are then anthologised into a publication. This in turn is launched with a night of performance and storytelling.

It is a communication between artist and audience, and an exploration of how people visualise the music that they write, perform, and consume.

Issues are available for £5 each, to order a copy please send an email to mobhandedpress@gmail.com -

The songbooks are not-for-profit: all proceeds go towards covering printing costs, and then anything left over is shared among the artists involved.

Read the digital back issues of Collaborative Songbooks below:

Artists who have participated in previous issues of Mob-Handed Press include: