Finding My Feet

'Finding My Feet is a collaborative zine made with Tessa Goodfellow of commonplace books. Tessa had visited Glasgow and taken a few photos documenting her various trips through the city.

As a resident of Glasgow, and in the throes of moving from the West End to the Southside, I looked at these photos and saw a place I recognised presented to me by someone who was unfamiliar with it. 

Taking a cue from the erratic wandering of house cats, who restlesssly pace their territory before making brief forays further afield, I wrote a brief piece of dynamic text highlighting my own anxieties about movement

The text is presented alongside the images in a concertina format.

It was debuted at Glasgow Zine Fest, 2018.


'Finding My Feet' is available now. Copies cost £2.50, please email for information.

For more photos please see here.


Mob-Handed Press: Issue One, launch party

The inaugural issue of Mob-Handed Press, 'The End', was launch at 44AD Bath on December 28th, 2017. 8 of the 10 participating artists joined to explain their songwriting process and perform their piece. This issue is available to be read in digital form here.