Mob-Handed Press: a brief for artists

What is Mob-Handed Press?

Mob-Handed Press is a collaborative songbook.

Artists contribute one song in a written format around a theme.

This is then anthologised into a physical zine.

The publication is then launched with a night of performance and storytelling.

It is a communication between artist and audience, and an exploration of how people visualise the music that they write, perform, and consume.

The theme for Spring 2017 is "Restless" (see below for details).
The launch event will take place in Glasgow, UK.


Issue Two: Restless

Deadline: 4th April 2018

Anticipated release date: Late Spring 2018

Life is in motion.

Herds cross continents, moving to a circadian rhythm only they can detect.

Humans have the capacity to sit in their own heads and waste days worrying about the beginnings and ends of nothing, bodies constantly in motion even if they don’t leave their homes.

Energy is constantly being redistributed.

From a state of personal anxiety to a study of natural phenomena, and anything in between, contributors are encouraged to explore the idea of restlessness. 

What is in motion?

Is it tumultuous?

Is it predictable?

Is it comforting?

Is it a problem?

Most importantly: how does it move you?


How Do I Contribute?

Artists are encouraged to play with the format and creation of their song. There are no strict rules as to what constitutes a song, all we ask is that contributors are honest about how they would write down their music.

It can be full sheet music, purely lyrical, an illustration, or a list of words that can be read in no particular order, for example.

It can be long or short, permanent or transient. It can be personal or impersonal. It can be straight-forward or impossible to perform. This is a moment for experimentation and for new ways of thinking.

Due to fact it is a primarily a publication, we ask artists to prioritise sending their music in a written format.

Digital contributions can be sent as pictures or documents in any format to mobhandedpress@gmail.com.

For physical contributions or anything else, please contact the above address to discuss the specifications.

Note: submissions will eventually be printed in a standard-sized (around A5 or slightly smaller) booklet (though the songs do not have to be read in a standard-way), so keep that in mind when thinking about dimensions of whatever you decide to create.

Artists do not have to submit a recorded version of their song, though they may do if they choose.

Please send all enquiries and digital submissions to mobhandedpress@gmail.com

Follow the process on Twitter @mobhandedpress

You can read the full digital version of Issue One: 'The End' here.

Read the blog post and see photos from the launch night of Issue One here.

Further reading/inspiration: